“Prelude to an Adventure” – Full Composition Walkthrough

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I co-hosted a panel on 14 April 2023 with Andrew Luers called Music Composition Speedrun Any% at VGM Con 2023. We randomly selected the prompt “title screen” from a list of video game song and location types and then had the remainder of the panel to write as much as we could, taking turns being hooked up to the projector/speakers and explaining to the audience what we were doing and why.

I ended the panel with a technically complete track but wanted to work on it a bit more on my regular, at-home setup before calling it finished.

Screenshots from Cubasis and Cubase as well as my entire changelog are below.

Cubasis screenshot of "Prelude to an Adventure"
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Gear Used

Mobile set-up: Cubasis 3 with included VSTs, iPad, cheap MIDI keyboard

Regular set-up: Cubase 11 Pro, desktop PC, two monitors
VSTs used: EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, EastWest Goliath, EastWest Pianos, 8Dio Anthology Strings, 8Dio Lacrimosa

Capturing Cubase footage: OBS, ReaStream

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